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Leather Repair & Leather Care


"The Real Thing"

For those that want to Do-it Yourself, "The Real Thing" is just what you need.  These products are specially manufactured to restore leather furniture and car seats to their original glory.


The Real Thing - Leather Cleaner

We've finally put together a leather cleaner that is stronger than warm water & soap and just as safe to use.  Follow the directions and you'll be using one of the best cleaners on the market today!


The Real Thing - Leather Conditioner

95% of the conditioners on the market only  make the surface of your leather feel better.  Our product penetrates the leather to soften it from within, restoring the natural softness.


 How Do We Get It ?

 The Real Thing is currently available directly at our Yorba Linda, CA drop-off location or it can be ordered via email*.

For all orders we are currently able to accept cash and checks for the transaction.  For those wishing to pay by credit card we apologize for the inconvenience, but we are working on a safe & secure method for internet credit card transactions in the future.

For email orders, please include the quantity, description and shipping information for your order in the email message.  We will respond with an official quote of costs to include with your mailed in request.


Size Description Cost ea
8 oz Real Thing - Cleaner 10.00
8 oz Real Thing - Conditioner 15.00
  Shipping & Handling per item 2.50
  * Appropriate Tax will apply to California based customers