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Leather Repair & Leather Care


How to Take Care of Your Leather

Helpful Hints & Suggestions

  • Always hang leather garments on wide or padded hangers to maintain their shape.

  • Never store leather goods in plastic or other non-breathable covers. This will cause leather to become dry.

  • Allow wet or damp leather to air-dry naturally away from any heat source.

  • Leather can be treated with a leather conditioner yearly to restore flexibility and proper moisture levels.

  • Suede and nubuck can be brushed with a terry towel to restore its look.

  • Wrinkles should hang out while on hanger. If ironing is required, set iron on lowest setting, use a brown paper bag as a pressing cloth on right side of the garment and a quick hand to prevent overheating and shine. Do not use steam!

  • Hems may be fixed with a tiny amount of rubber cement. Seek out a professional leather care specialist when the garment becomes badly worn or soiled.

  • To prevent mildew, protect leather from excessive humidity.

  • In a dry environment, to prevent it from drying out and cracking, regularly condition leather.

  • Never use caustic household chemicals to clean leather.

  • Avoid leather preparations that contain alcohol or petroleum distillates, such as turpentine and mineral spirits.

  • Use of Mink oil or other animal fats will darken leather. Animal fat can turn rancid.